Hungry for Spring?

Spring is a very special and busy time on the Shenandoah Valley Farm Trail. Farmers, farm animals and Mother Earth herself are happy to shake off the chill of old man winter and begin the blooming and growing process. Days are longer, warmer, and brighter. Spring fever is in the air. New life comes in the form of baby animals to snuggle and fresh fruits, veggies and herbs for our culinary pleasure! This is an exciting time for the visitor to the Trail, especially those who appreciate choosing, picking and/or just eating locally grown edibles. From now until the end of the summer there will be no shortage of ripe, fresh produce to choose from for snacks, meals, and seasonal recipes. Many farmers markets are now opening for the year and plenty of farms are revving up for fruit and veggie picking season! Is your mouth watering yet?


For a seasonal produce guide for Virginia (What is in season when?) click here. For a full listing of our “Pick Your Own” farms or our many Farmers Markets sprinkled throughout the Valley, visit our “Meet the Locals” page and choose the category of your choice. You can even filter farm businesses by locality or by key word, like “strawberries”, for example. So go on and pull out those recipe books, and we will see you on the Farm Trail!pebble-hall